Google plan to replace cookies is the web’s best hope for a more private internet

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New technology attempt to merge anonymity and user interests to make our web browsing history more private.

Google plan to replace cookies is the web’s best hope for a more private internet

by advertising companies,youtube sponsers including the biggest them of all. The good news is that Google plans to stop all  the selling interest-based ads rely on user-tracking across the web as part of Privacy Protection Sandbox program, and it and plan to start testing as early as Q2 of 2021.

As the biggest digital-marketing-advertisement, Google has the responsibility to make the industry better and privacy protection.Google plan to replace cookies.

There are plenty of things worse than tracking cookies.

Without new alternatives, this means the digital marketing advertising dies, or another company invents new ways to track users and digigtal marketing advertising. Google wants to be that company, but it wants to do it by proposing a set of web standard with support from all developers across the entire industry.



A third-party cookies is a small tool that tell ther websites or a company abouts when and where you’re visiting on the internet site. They’re small tool to the way companies that interest-based ads operate and they offer far too much informations to advertisers than we should want to share and ads show.

Cohorts details



The most ambitious change is something known as FLoC. Short for Federated learning of cohorts, FLoC is a only way that use encrypted data to place a user into the specific storage of users who share the same interests data. Using local data, a web browser could create an encrypted string Google plan to replace cookies.. Based on that, we would be placed into a group (our cohorts) with users who have the same or similar string. Advertisers could then target users based on the groups they fall into.

Early testing shows FLoC short for Federated learning of cohorts based targeting to be as effective as using third party tracking cookies.

There is a problem to overcome the FLoC, through. For this method to be effective the internet, the group size has to be small enough. If a group consists of only the small number of users it isn’t very anonymous large number of users very anonymous. But Google has an idea to solve this issue, too, and it involves a world wide server that only tracks the size of groups.


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