Lynette Curran

Lynette Curran, an Australian actor most notably for her prominent appearances in Australian television drama and movies, is an accomplished actress and singer with a variety of stage credits to her credit. From her early days in acting in her teens, to her role as “Shirley” in the movie adaptation of The Breakfast Club (aka Bridget Jones Diary), to her current roles as “Curtain” in Coraline and “Tina” in Kung Mangai. She has also appeared in television and stage productions such as Married with Children, The Heartbreak Kid, and As the World Turns.

Lynette Curran


Born in Adelaide in Australia, Lynette grew up in the countryside. Her father worked in the mining fields, and her mother raised her two younger siblings by holding them in a chicken farm. Growing up, Lynette became very interested in acting and she even tried out for the part of “Porky,” which went to Joanna Stayton. Although she didn’t win the part, she did learn about being an actress by watching her older sister Rose. It was then that she decided to enter into the world of acting.


After some time behind the camera, Curran went back to her acting roots. She appeared in several films and later in television. She has played a variety of characters in both film and television, ranging from a loving wife and mother in the movie Love Actually, to a tough, vengeful wife and mother in the movie Swing Vote. She appeared in the British sitcom Dad’s Army as well as several movies and TV shows in the U.S., including Mom. Her latest movie, titled What Happens in Vegas, will be hitting theaters later this year.


In between acting, Lynette Curran has pursued a successful career as a singer. She has been nominated three times for an Academy Award for Best Music and has made fifteen films in her career. Her most notable music work would be her song “Bodhisattva” from the soundtrack to Shallow Hal. She also enjoyed a twenty-year career with the band Fleetwood Mac.


The voice talent that accompanied her on-screen persona was brought to light during the musical theater era of the 1970s. She appeared in four movies, which made her one of the more versatile performers of that time. She voices herself in Barbie and the Three Bears, and voices The Butterfly Effect and Royal Wedding. She has also provided the voice of Dinah Rose in the animated film adaptation of the same name. Her other credits include playing the role of a vampire in the Tim Burton film Alice in Wonderland, opposite Helena Bonham Carter, and appearing in the TV series King of the Hill as well as numerous others.


Lynette Curran is just as talented as any of the other voice actors that have graced the stage or screen. Her dramatic capabilities are able to fit into many genres, and she can bring beauty and strength to characters that would otherwise be flat. As an example, her performance as Mrs. Robinson in the film The Heartbreak Kid was amazing, and her ability to sing and perform such an amazing role are the main reasons that she is able to stay in such demand. In many ways, her versatility fits in perfectly with her career, which has spanned such a vast number of years. If anything, the range of her work has grown over the years.


Lynette’s voice has been praised by many, but not all of it is positive. Critics often point out that her voice sounds unnatural at times, and that she sometimes uses “corny” voice inflections that are unoriginal and irritating for many listeners. Still others point out that her diction is occasionally questionable – although it often is. Some even point out that her diction is so similar to that of the many New York native’s that they are almost indistinguishable.


Despite those points, the fact of the matter remains that she has provided some of the best vocal performances of her career and continues to do so. That consistency has allowed her to branch out into various genres of music and even into acting. Her voice was prominently involved in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness, and she also had a small part in the last Harry Potter film, The Half-Life of Machines. Though her films are often overlooked by the critics, they always remain very popular with the audience – and are sure to continue doing so in the future. Her fans include many people from other parts of the world, and they appreciate the effort that she put into so many of her roles. Whether you like her acting or her voice, you will likely want to hear more of Lynette Curran.

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