Outriders Inventory Wipe Bug ‘Top Priority’, Will Restore Lost Items, Developer People Can Fly Says

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A potential fix involves force quitting the game the moment you notice the issue.

Outriders Inventory Wipe Bug ‘Top Priority’, Will Restore Lost Items, Developer People Can Fly Says

Outriders has been plagued with problems considering launch earlier in April, but one worm — that clears out your entire stock — has come to the vanguard following the brand new patch released over the weekend. Several Outriders gamers are reporting that they have lost up to one hundred hours of progress because of the “inventory wipe” malicious program, that has taken away all their valuable ‘Epic’ and ‘Legendary’ objects. Outriders developer People Can Fly has stated that solving the inventory wipe is their “pinnacle priority” and they may additionally work to restore the misplaced items — with some caveats.

“We are aware and deeply sorry that a few users are continuing to encounter an stock wipe. We are doing everything we will to resolve this problem, both server and recreation-side. Our plan remains to work on a healing for all affected money owed,” the Outriders support group wrote in a tweet on Saturday following the discharge of a patch for PS5. On Reddit, People Can Fly admitted that the stock wipe trojan horse has become more prominent because the patch, in direct competition to what it had claimed before rolling out stated patch.

Outriders inventory wipe capability repair

“Earlier nowadays we implemented additional preventative measures on to our servers to defend against any Inventory Wipes. These are reducing the prevalence of this problem, but we are continuing to lock in additional countermeasures,” the Outriders team tweeted on Sunday. “A capacity prevention method to guard your self if you run into this trouble: the instant you be aware that your gear has disappeared, straight away pressure close the sport, then reboot it.”

And then later on Sunday, Square Enix — the Outriders publisher — added over on Reddit: “We have deployed additional server changes to prevent this difficulty from occurring and we consider the incidence need to now considerably lessen, but we are keeping a close eye on similarly reviews.”

Outriders stock wipe restoration

It’s doubtful whether or not the Outriders inventory wipe worm has when you consider that decreased in frequency, however it doesn’t assist all those who have already misplaced the whole lot. People Can Fly has but to land on a date for the restoration system — it will be within the “coming week(s)”, it stated — and it can not guarantee that the whole thing will move lower back to how it became. Only the maximum precious objects (‘Epic’ and ‘Legendary’) can be restored, and those restored items might not have the “genuine identical stats as the misplaced gadgets”.

That ultimate bit hasn’t gone down nicely with the Outriders network. Weapon drops in the game are randomised, which means that the objects you get with the aid of even repeating the same undertaking will have unique stats (which include damage, accuracy, balance, and clip length). Now, the devoted lot have spent tens of hours seeking to get guns that work exceptional for them. Getting the same weapon with the aid of name isn’t enough for them, as it won’t perform to the ranges that their personal weapon did.

“Everything gone, ninety four hours misplaced, nearly entire construct lost, that is a funny story,” Reddit user Ok_Entertainment_112 wrote on Saturday. Fellow Redditor Wolphoenix titled his publish: “Adios Outriders, inventory wipe and now not being able to load into my 80-hour foremost is my very last straw.”

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