Realme Smart Cam 360 Price In Pakistan

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Recently Launched their Smart Cam which can provide you high security in your home or office. It have many unbelievable feature you any other smart cam did not provide

Table Of Content

  • Features
  • Realme link app
  • More Features
  • Major Cons
  • Price


  • 1080P WDR Video Recording
  • AI Motion Decetor
  • Full Color In Low Light
  • Voice Talkback
  • 360 Panoramic View
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Multiple Privacy Protection
  • SD Card Supported Up To 128 GB
Realme Smart Cam 360 Price In Pakistan

1080P WDR Video Recording

Realme smart can record video in 1080p resolution, which can provide you you high quality video. It provides you WDR (Wide Dynamic Range). With WDR you can you get more details in low-light in video. It also provide you the 3D noise cancellation which will cancel all the unnecessary noise from the video.

AI Motion Detector

Realme smart cam have AI motion detector, which can recognize the human motion or pets and track them in real time.

Full Color In Low Light

Realme smart cam can provide you color image in low light which will help you to see every detail in video.

Voice Talkback

During live footage you can instruct your family member or your employ in real time.

360 Panoramic View

It can provide you 360 angle panoramic view of your room or office.

Infrared Night Vision

Realme smart cam will record video in low light or in dark with full colors. The built-in high-quality 940 nm infrared sensor can provide you clear picture in dark. Upto 10 meter it will not emit any visible light.

Privacy Protection

Realme smart cam also provide you file security. Which means the inserted sd card recorded file can”t easily access.

SD Card Support

Realme smart cam can support up to 128 GB Micro sd card. Which provide you 1080p recording for 14 days backup.

You can watch your live camera footage via realme link app. Realme link app will give notification to your mobile phone if someone entered in your house and it will also provide you many of the other features.

More Features

Realme smart cam 360 provide you many of the other features such as it has doul motor, one of them is for up and down word movement and other one is for 360 movement. It have wifi chip which makes the signals stable, It also have wifi extender chip to connect one camera to other.It have 190 g weight.

Major Con

Realme link have one the major con is that it dose not have any of the in- built battery. It will work with electricity. But can also you power bank with it which help you to record video with electricity


The Realme Smart Cam 360 Price In Pakistan is 6,999

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