Realme Smart Scale In Pakistan

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Realme launh the Realme Smart Scale, which can perform many tasks for you. Basically it seems like a weight machine, but it not only a weight machine. It will available in two colors


The Realme Smart Scale In Pakistan is 5,499

Realme Smart Scale Sale

Realme told that they will add Realme Smart Scale in sale. on (click with the discount of 1,500. You all can checkout the produst before the sale end. (Not sponsored).

Realme Smart Scale In Pakistan

Specification And Features

Weight Machine

Realme Smart Scale works like a weight machine. You have to weight with barefooted for working all function.

Kitchen Use

You can use it in kitchen because it can measure up to 50 g accurate, which can be helpful fro you in kitchen.

Weight Range

Realme Smart Scale have two weight mode

  1. First mode is for pets and fruit, which can provide you accurate reading from 50 kg to 10 kg. (0.05kg to 9.99kg)
  2. Second mode is for human, with second mode you can measure human”s weight.The BIA sensor can detect 0.05kg (50g) change in your body weather it is a glass of water or two cherries. (10kg to 150kg)

Heart Rate Monitor

Realme Smart Scale have real time heart rate monitor. It will inform you about your heart rate and other health measurement.

ALL Health Measurement sensors

  • Weight
  • Fat Rate
  • Body Shape
  • BMI
  • Muscle Mass
  • Body Age
  • Basal Metabolism
  • Lean Body Weight
  • Moisture Rate
  • Muscle Rate
  • Visceral Fat Rate
  • Skeletal Muscle
  • Bone Mass
  • Protein
  • Fat Mass
  • Heart Rate
Realme Smart Scale In Pakistan

Family Profiles

You can make your family members profile in realme link app which will automatic store data in your smartphone


Realme Smart Scale don”t have any in-built battery. It will work with 4*AAA Battery which can provide you 360 days battery backup.

Realme Smart Scale will connect to your smartphone with the help of Realme Link App, which will store all the data in your smartphone.

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