Robert De Niro – A Mean Streets Actor

Robert De Niro is a famous American actor, director, and producer. Born in Queens, he is best known for the roles he has taken, most notably in such movies as Goodfellas, The Godfather, Good Times, Man on the Moon, Goodfellas again, The New York Minute, Casino, Scarface, Raging Bull, and World Without End. He is also well known for his varied screenplays, most notably as a director, writer, and producer. De Niro made his film debut inino in Italian, followed by his Broadway debut as a part in Paper Moon. Since then, he has gone on to star in such motion pictures as Hugo, Gangs of New York, Man on the Moon, Edward Scissorhands, E.T. More recently, he was nominated for an Academy Award for his role as Mario Puzo in the movie The Godfather.

Robert De Niro


As an actor, Robert De Niro has created and has written several award-winning scripts, which have all been successful in the box office. Two of his most memorable characters are the kingpin of New York, who was played by Al Pacino, and the petty boss of the same character, played by Robert De Niro. Both of these actors were nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, and while it may not have been for the best performance of the year, both are well deserving of the honor.


Robert De Niro was born idols in Greenwich Village, Connecticut, where his parents were teachers. He attended public school for about three years, where he learned the basics of acting. This early life also gave him the knowledge and experience to adapt to any part that would need to be played on the stage. The stage life of Robert De Niro did not start until he was about fifteen years old, after his parents divorced when he was about twenty-one years of age. After high school, he went to drama camp, where he was able to meet the future star of Saturday Night Fever, Richard Castellano.


Once he was older, De Niro decided that he wanted to take acting more seriously, so he enrolled in the University of Southern Connecticut inedy. He began to hone his skills while there, and gradually grew into a more well-rounded actor with more experience. Two of his early films that he worked on were Born On A Sun, and The Man Who Played With Machines. From this point, he slowly worked his way up the ranks of Hollywood, appearing in such films as Grease, Casino, Man on the Moon, and E.T. Though many people believe that Born On A Sun was his greatest film, some critics still consider it to be his best.


Another important part of Robert De Niro’s early life was his time as a kid in a family called the Deuce Brothers. He played bass in their band, which is probably where he got the bug for acting. In fact, he would play keyboards in other films after that time, including Grease, which would help him develop his drum skills. Eventually, his parents decided that he should pursue acting, and he would go to Broadway for the first time ever at age 16.


After that first Broadway experience, De Niro would spend the next few years playing the same roles, mostly affecting people’s lives in the manner of a mean streets fighter, or a raging bull rider. He also starred in such mainstream movies as Scarface, Viva Zapata, Man on the Moon, Buy Some Meat, and Man on the Moon II. All of these are extremely influential to modern day actors, and all of them are highly relevant to today’s culture. Robert De Niro did not start out in the acting business, nor did he start out as an icon, but instead as an angry, pint sized angry bull rider.


But what does it mean to be Robert De Niro? One thing is certain: this man is one of the most famous and most controversial actors of all time. His image as a rage-filled avenger has made him a cult figure in the public consciousness. Now, even people who never watched a Robert De Niro film are familiar with some of his characters, and even if they never saw the first Robert De Niro movie, they probably know at least some of his impact on our culture and our lives.

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