Samsung DDR5 DRAM Memory Module Launched, Can Deliver Twice the Performance of DDR4

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Samsung claims the adoption of HKMG process technology for its DDR5 DRAM helps reduce power consumption by 13 percent over existing DDR4 modules.

Samsung DDR5 DRAM Memory Module Launched, Can Deliver Twice the Performance of DDR4

Samsung on Thursday introduced that it had extended its DRAM reminiscence portfolio by means of bringing a 512GB DDR5 module primarily based on high-okay metallic gate (HKMG) procedure generation. The new reminiscence module is designed to fulfil the requirements in compute-hungry, excessive-bandwidth workloads inside the fields of supercomputing, synthetic intelligence (AI), and gadget gaining knowledge of (ML). The South Korean business enterprise claimed that its DDR5 DRAM is capable of turning in extra than twice the performance of current DDR4 modules with as much as 7,200 megabits according to 2nd (Mbps) statistics switch price.

Instead of the usage of the conventional silicon oxynitride, Samsung’s preference of going with the HKMG technology for the insulation layer of the new memory module is touted to lessen power intake with the aid of thirteen percent over DDR4 modules. The new cloth may be capable of lessen the current leakage and help the module attain new overall performance ranges, the enterprise said.

Samsung first used the HKMG technique while designing its GDDR6 reminiscence in 2018. However, its adoption on the new module is chiefly aimed to attract records centres and organisation clients who’re seeking out high-velocity reminiscence solutions to process AI, ML, and statistics analytics operations.

The DDR5 DRAM by way of Samsung stakes eight layers of 16Gb DRAM chips the use of through-silicon thru (TSV) era to offer 512GB of capability. The organisation is, but, sampling one of a kind variations of the DDR5 module to cater to different reminiscence demands through the years.

Although existing computer systems and servers mainly aid DDR4, Intel has already shown a few hobby towards DDR5 modules. The chipmaker is likewise operating with Samsung particularly for its new improvement.

“Intel’s engineering groups intently associate with memory leaders like Samsung to supply speedy, strength-green DDR5 memory that is overall performance-optimised and well suited with our upcoming Intel Xeon Scalable processors, codenamed Sapphire Rapids,” said Carolyn Duran, Vice President and General Manager of Memory and IO Technology at Intel, in a organized statement.

Apart from Intel, Samsung is operating with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and has sent samples of its new reminiscence module to a few records centre platform builders, Bloomberg mentioned on Thursday.

“By bringing this kind of manner innovation to DRAM production, we are able to offer our customers high-overall performance, yet energy-green reminiscence solutions to strength the computer systems wanted for clinical research, financial markets, self reliant using, clever cities and beyond,” said Young-Soo Sohn, Vice President of the DRAM Memory Planning/Enabling Group at Samsung Electronics, within the announcement.

Samsung’s DDR5 DRAM module is presently inside the checking out phase, even though it is said to arrive for clients through overdue 2021.

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