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■ One UI 6.0

– Applied stabilization code of One UI 6.0.
– Create Keyboards at low resolution – Editing Keyboards has fixed problems that are difficult to edit because the keyboard size is too large.

■ One UI 5.1.1

* New features
Retro touch sound, Calm touch sound, Fun touch sound
– Text keys, function keys, and backspace have different touch sounds.
The sound tab will be back with a better update next time.

* Bug fixes
Make your own keyboard
– Fix bugs that intermittently terminate Keys Cafe when moving keys in editing the split keyboard.
– Fix a bug that terminates Keys Cafe when loading a layout file and selecting a file that does not support Keys Cafe

Style your own keyboard
– Fixed issues that occurred due to overlapping touch sounds when selecting sounds on the sound tab
– Fix bugs where key animations sometimes do not return to their original state when using key motion effects

Correct issues that do not show advanced keyboard settings intermittently

■ One UI 5.0

* Bug fixes
-Fix bugs that not apply the custom keyboard immediately after backup & restore.
-Fix bugs that did not play immediately soud when selecting touch sound.

* Bug fixes
– Fix bugs that did not show any keyboard color effect on multi-touch
– Add some more emoticon keys on ‘Make your own keyboard’
– Fix bugs that ‘Use sticker suggestions in a larget view’ of keyboard advanced setting is not restored through GTS

* New features
1. Style your own keyboard
(1) Color
– Two Christmas themes have been added.
(2) Effect
– Key color effect: Footprint effect added. You can also change it to a sticker or gallery image.
– Keyboard color effect: Paint gun, firecracker effect added.
– Key motion effect: tilt, bounce effect added.

2. Make your own keyboard
– DEL key has been added.

* Bug fixes
– We have modified the app interruption phenomenon that occurred intermittently on the split screen.

* New features
1. Add Mathematics x Chemistry Keyboard
2. Add emoji for OneUI5.0

* Bug fixes
1. In Style your own keyboard, fix the bug that ended the menu when entering the keyboard
2. Fix bugs that the app shut down during the keyboard game.

* New features
1. Support the One UI 5.0
2. A symbol layout has been added that makes the chemical formula easier to input.
3. Prepare structure to support share of created keyboard
4. Add my own meme feature (One UI 4.1 or higher support / Korea first open)

* Bug fixes
– Correct errors when selecting a color table on the effects tab in Style your own keyboard.
– Fix errors related to Undo and Redo function in Make your own keyboard.

■ One UI 4.1.1

* New features
1. Make your own Split Keyboard (for One UI 4.1.1, Galaxy Fold ※ Samsung Keyboard v5.5.0.47 or later)
   Features for Galaxy Fold users have been added. You can edit split keyboard by keys cafe.

2. My Sticker Backup and restore
Stickers created with My Stickers can be backed up and restored through Smart Switch.

* Bug fixes
  – Fix issues related to add row on edit keyboard
  – Improve GUI so that you can see a lot of key lists that you can add when a key is not selected
  – Fix various bugs that occur when showing sticker contents

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