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▣ Provided by the Galaxy Store
Possible to download filters, stickers, fonts, etc.
[Required permissions]
– Photos and videos: Saving or loading images

[Key features]
▣ Auto adjust
• Provides a feature that automatically modifies and applies the editing features provided by Photo Editor.
▣ Transform: Freely alter the position and size of photos
• Easily crop photos to fit specific objects using the ‘Snap to shape’, one of the Lasso features.
▣ Filters: Edit the overall feel with various filters
• Create your own filters using the photos you want.
▣ Tone:
• Transform light and tone in detail with various menus.
▣ Decorations: Integration of decorating features
• Draw
– Added an auto shape creation feature when drawing shapes with the basic pen, etc. in the Draw menu. If you hold for a while after drawing a shape, the shape closest to the shape you drew is automatically created. Supports circles, triangles, squares, hearts, stars, and more.
• Stickers
– Make fun photos by using various stickers (includes dates, speech bubble, unicode stickers)
– Custom stickers: Use a specific shape, such as a circle or square, or draw directly on the Gallery photo to freely decide the shape of the sticker, then decorate the sticker border.
• Text
– System fonts available

▣ More options: Additional features that provide a vaster experience
• Face effects
– Portrait photos can be edited using various beauty features
• Spot color
– Edit so that specific colors you want to emphasize stand out
• Color mix
– Finely edit the tone, saturation and luminance of each color
• Resize
– Provides 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, original, 400% options (※ However, if the image is smaller than 30×30 or larger than 1MP, the 400% option is deactivated.)

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