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– Fix the problem of Quick settings instant access

– Support for OneUI 6.0
– Supports changing quick setting button grid inside the app (OneUI 6.0)
– Added GTS support of “Apply color palette to notification icons” (OneUI 5.1.1 or higher)
– Added Japanese support.
※ “Show notifications by last update” and “Quick settings instant access” ON / OFF settings are provided as device functions from One UI 6.0 and removed from the app

– Fix the problem that the app does not open

– Support hiding icons of modes and device care in “Visibility of Indicator Icons”
– Improve app stability

– Support Smart Switch for the following functions (OneUI4.0 or later)
• Show notifications by last update
• Show Quick button grid
• Open Quick panel directly

– Fix a problem that its setting value was deactivated automatically at times

– Support seconds clock on panel (OneUI5)
– Support date clock on indicator (OneUI5)
– Improve app stability.

– Shorten the entry path for ‘Open Quick panel directly’ menu.
– Supported a guide overlay on statubar for the area of ‘Quick Setting’ and ‘Notification’

– Fixed the initialization of the position set via ‘Open Quick panel directly’ after reboot.
– Fixed the turned-off of the volume item after reentry in ‘Visibility of Indicator Icons’.
– Removed the unavailable in One UI 4, ex. ‘Use sections’ in ‘Show notifications by last update’

– Fixed not to show mute icon in One UI 4

– Available in One UI 4 (based on Android 12)

– Remove unnecessary permission
– Fix the layout error

– Fixed the error that “Show notifications by the last update” was initialized, after the device reboot
– Fixed the issue where QuickStar values were not restored after Good Lock update
– Support ‘Middle’ position in clock setting in Foldable devices

– Added new menu, “Style your own Quick Panel”

– Fixed an error not-restored a feature like Quick button grid after device reboot
(※ After using DEX, the unrecovered issue can be improved through SW update in device)

– Support VPN icon in “Visibility of Indicator Icons”
– Change app icon and improve GUI

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