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Enterprises that provide corporate-owned personally enabled devices typically need to separate official work apps from third-party business apps installed by employees, for example,

  • Airline apps (United, Delta, and so on)
  • Hotel apps (Marriott, Hilton, and so on)
  • Ride-sharing apps (Uber, Lyft, and so on)

An IT admin might not be comfortable with a third-party app that needs access to contacts, email addresses, or phone numbers. There may be concerns that sensitive work data may end up on third-party servers. The third-party apps are needed for productivity, but are not fully trusted and vetted by the IT admin. In this scenario, the enterprise is wholly responsible for their corporate assets and needs full control of their devices.

As described in device management modes, Android 11 replaced the fully managed device with work profile with a new work profile on company-owned devices. The goal is to protect the privacy of personal activities on company devices, and provide IT admins with adequate control over the personal side of the device. For enterprises that still need full control over a device while enabling authorized third-party business apps, Samsung exclusively offers an additional option called Separated Apps.

Separated Apps isolates third-party apps in sandboxed folder. The third-party apps cannot intercommunicate with work apps or access confidential work data. Keep in mind that Separated Apps does not provide the same privacy guarantees as the new work profile on company-owned devices. As such, it is not intended for personal apps and data.

How it works

Separated Apps are installed in a securely separate folder:

An enterprise IT admin uses:

  • a UEM system to install work apps on the fully managed device, for full access and control
  • the Knox Service Plugin to enable Separated Apps and identify the apps to install in the folder

By default, the following apps are available inside the Separated Apps folder, but don’t have launch icons. They can however be launched by other apps. For example, if you open an attached image in an email app, the Gallery displays the image.

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Office (depends on model)
  • Samsung Calendar
  • Samsung Camera
  • Samsung Contacts
  • Samsung Gallery
  • Samsung MyFiles
  • Samsung Video

The device user can:

  • set up an app shortcut from the device level, to launch an app inside the Separated Apps folder
  • configure the following Settings inside the Separated Apps folder: apps, notifications, data usage, certificates, and keyboard and input.

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