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SmartThings Framework is a service that shows UI for controlling SmartThings devices from multiple apps. You can control smart devices such as lights, TVs, speakers, and home appliances (air conditioners, air purifiers and etc.) registered in SmartThings right away from Call, Modes & Routines, Clock app, Smart View, Weather, Calendar and so on.

[Key features]
– Mute your TV, Projector and speaker or pause your RVC directly from you Galaxy when receiving a call.
– When you change one of modes on your Galaxy to suit your situation, you can control SmartThings devices together. For example, when the sleep mode starts on your Galaxy, you can set the lights dimmed or air conditioner and air purifier to sleep mode. For Galaxy Watch5 users, the TV and lights can be turned off automatically when you fall asleep with the Galaxy Watch5 on.
– When a mobile alarm rings, you can turn on the TV and lights and open the window blinds. At the bedtime set in the Clock app, you can set the lights to dim or the air conditioner and air purifier to sleep mode.
– When you cast your Galaxy screen onto your Samsung TV with Smart View, you can adjust your lights and blinds to make the optimal watching environment.
– In Weather, you can check the indoor air quality and control your air purifier.
– You can get the alerts for Calendar events through your TVs and speakers

※ SmartThings Framework is optimized for Samsung smartphones. Some features may be limited in other vendors’ smartphones.
※ SmartThings Framework may not work in Samsung China smartphones or with China accounts
※ For more information, please refer to “Companion apps” in SmartThings app.

[App requirements]
Some mobile devices may not be supported.
– One UI version : 3.1 over
– Ram size : 2GB over
– Mobile devices that SmartThings app is downloadable.

※ App permissions
The following permissions are required for the app. you can use the app without optional permissions, but some functions may be limited.

[Required access permissions]
∙ None

[Optional access permissions]
∙ Location: SmartThings Framework requires Location permission to control only the nearby devices

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