Whatsapp New Privacy Policy Update

Recently Whatsapp update their privacy policy. A few days ago everyone got Whatsapp privacy policy popup option in their account.
This is the privacy policy update that no company should be allowed to use.

Many of the users allow the whatsapp privacy policy without reading them.This is the update which we should not allow to any company.

Our work is only to aware you from new updates. Next its up to you to allow or disallow these privacy updates

If You Don’t Accept?

First of all if you did not accept whatsapp new privacy policy, whatsapp gave you time till 8 Feb, 2021 to allow you for the new terms and privacy policy. After this date you will not be able to use whatsapp

Whatsapp Mods

As we Know Whatsapp runs two app the first is Simple whatsapp and second is business whatsapp. The simple whatsapp is for normal user, and business whatsapp for those peoples who runs business on whatsapp.

Whatsapp New Privacy Policy Update.

As we also know that Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram works under the company that is Facebook. And the any activity we done on these three app ultimately this information stores in Facebook servers and with this information Facebook show us ads.

If it stopped at the ads, It will be fine.

If it stopped at the ads, It will be fine. But whatsapp said the information we collect we will share or sell with the companies who use Whatsapp and Facebook Business accounts.

Information That Whatsapp Collects

Information that Whatsapp collects and share or sell to the Facebook’s and Whatsapp’s business account are as follows

  • Account Information( your number and all number stored in your mobile).
  • Chats (photos, videos, messages, voice / video calls and also location and voice messages.
  • Your wifi connection information and information of the other person who did not use whatsapp but use your Wifi connection.
  • Your sim’s messages ( all the sim’s messages stored in your mnobile).
  • Google search result (whatsapp store all the information of our google search result and visited websites).
  • Money transactional information.
  • Cookies information.
  • Battery status.
  • Network provider.
  • Many other information like these etc…

The whatsapp clearly told that the information we collect, we will not only store but share with the companies who use facebook’s and whatsapp’s business account.

Whatsapp Pay

whatsapp also collect your whatsapp pay history and transactional information.

If We All Allow this?

If you by mistakely allow the whatsapp’s new privacy policy. The user will not able to stop whatspp to share your information with companies

You can read here full privacy policy

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