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Discover TV channels on UKTV Play a free streaming TV entertainment app where you can watch live TV & your favourite TV channels; Dave, Yesterday, Drama & W on demand. Get ready because now TV streaming with UKTV got better with a brand new look!

UKTV Play now has more content & entertainment than ever before! Make an exciting discovery of a new drama series no need to wait for prime time TV hours; discover & stream TV channels you love with thousands of episodes available. Discover gripping drama TV box sets like Tell Me Your Secrets, to hilarious comedies like Meet The Richardsons, to fascinating TV documentaries like Secrets of the London Underground. Your favourite TV box sets are all available on demand & now TV streaming with UKTV Play is better! Watch live TV in real time all in the app. Search & discover new TV shows, stream TV & watch all your favourite shows & series on demand.

Watch your favourite shows outside of prime time TV hours with UKTV Play! Discover new TV channels & live entertainment or catch up on TV shows, TV box sets & series on demand. With UKTV Play, you can watch all your favourite shows & now TV streaming is even easier! Are you a lover of comedy or history? An enthusiast of popular documentaries? Fan of crime drama series? Make a new discovery whatever your preference & discover classic favourites on our fantastic TV Player.

Don’t wait for prime time TV hours, download UKTV Play & watch TV series, drama series & catch up on the go! It’s easy to enjoy entertainment on demand, just kick back & start streaming great shows; stream TV series & catch up on TV box sets from Dave, Yesterday, Drama TV box sets & W channels, or watch live TV with the UKTV Play TV player.

UKTV Play is the go-to streaming app for those who love to watch live TV; & now TV streaming your favourite TV channels. No need to wait for prime time TV, watch series on demand easily! With a wide range of content, like drama series, drama TV box sets, history, comedies, & drama TV you can stream TV & live entertainment or catch up on your favourite shows & series on demand. Watch live TV or stream TV series & catch up on TV box sets from Dave, Yesterday, Drama & W. UKTV Play allows you to stream TV & watch live TV on any device.

You can make a new discovery while browsing through the UKTV Play TV series. Download the TV player app to stream TV as well as watch live TV. Enjoying entertainment on demand with UKTV Play is now TV streaming; made easier! Catch up on your favourite TV shows, TV Box sets & drama series; or discover something new to stream outside of prime time TV hours.


– Free access to thousands of episodes to catch up on outside of prime time TV hours.
– TV Box Sets, history, drama series, content & entertainment to discover & get stuck into
– Dave, Yesterday, Drama & W channels live & on demand
– Available across devices (mobile, tablet, desktop, TV or Chromecast)
– New & exclusive UKTV originals, entertainment & a raft of well-loved classics
– Watch live TV from your favourite channels

UKTV Play has a big selection of TV box sets like comedies Hypothetical, Would I Lie To You? & Late Night Mash; the best in quality drama TV like Sister Boniface or Brokenwood; plus, popular factual content like Emma Willis: Delivering Babies & Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over. Stream drama series, TV series & watch live TV & now TV streaming is available across devices.

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