3 Ways Upload multiple photos to Instagram from PC

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Upload multiple photos to Instagram from PC

The help has 3 steps to upload multiple photos to Instagram from PC.

Method 1: Developers tools

In this following method you can change your pc display to your mobile by using some browsers.

Step 1: First login to your Instagram, go to the three-dot icon and  then go for           more tools. And then for Developers tools.

Step 2: Pick the mobile icon and change the respective mode to mobile size.

Step 3: Click + icon and pick a photo or video to upload.

Step 4: Open a file from computer or laptop get going to the next then post. In   the end it’s done.


Method 2: With Chrome extension

In this method you not allowed to upload more photos on Instagram, which is possible in other methods.

Step 1: Google Desktop for Instagram, press add to chrome then press add the          extension.

Step 2: choose the Instagram icon on the upper menu and enter login details.

Step 3: Press on the + icon on feed. Chose a photo or video you would like to                upload and open it.

Step 4: Edit it to your liking and press Next and Share.

Method 3: With the latelysocial.com app

You can upload photos in Instagram by signing up a free account on this app. There is the following steps;

Step 1: Login to latelysocial.com account with opening the app in a browser on          your PC.

Step 2: Select pricing on the site menu.

Step 3: Turn down and below the free plan, pick a plan. The new member sign           up page will open.

Step 4: Enter the details needed and press sign up. Your account will be                      created.

Step 5: You will accordingly be re-directed to the login page.

Upload photos to Instagram from PC

Account details:

Step 1: when you sign in to latelysocial.com account,  your account dashboard will open. link your account to the app account by pressing the account manager in the left side.

Step 2: On the Instagram accounts portion, click add account. A pop-up window will open soon.

Step 3: Enter your username and password of instagram and press next. You would have to face the problem of PASSWORD ERROR. A security code part will be shown; on the right, click generate new code.

Step 4: The code will be sent to you by email. Pick that code in the security segment and click add an account.

Step 5: A window is shown, read the important information given, and press close. Your Instagram account will show up which you added.



Step 1: In Lately Social accounts, press Instagram. It will give two options. Below Instagram, Tab post.

Step 2: In the new window post, examine the checkbox you added previously. It certify that you want to upload photos to your given Instagram account.

Step 3: Choose the carousel before push on to the next step.

Step 4: Clink the first icon in the file manager segment. You are given with an option to upload a file from your personal computer.

Step 5: Steer to the folder carrying photos you want to upload and double click photos. It will start uploading on the app.

Step 6 : This is how you can upload extra photos. Repeat by clicking the file upload icon again, steer to the folder carrying other photos, and double click.

Step 7: You can plan your post using the checkbox and pick the right time and date you want your post to be produced.  You can go for new options too.

Step 2: To below right of the new post page, click the post button. We finally do it.


How to post on Instagram from mac Chrome

From a mac to post on Instagram, you can use Google Chrome just like in the command above. You can use Safari browser.

For Safari browser, steps following.

Step 1: Go to Instagram.com on your Safari browser.

Step 2: Go to the Preferences menu of Safari and click Advanced.

Step 3: Check the box next to Show Develop menu in menu bar, In this menu.


How to post on Instagram from a Mac

Step 4: The Develop menu will seem at the upper menu bar. In the Develop menu, press User Agent, then pick which mobile attachment you’d like to see. It should inhabit with the latest iPhone iOS.

How to post on Instagram from a Mac

Step 5: Once you make your option the web page will refresh. Now you can upload posts in Instagram from you Mac the way you normally might with your mobile.

Upload Multiple Photos to Instagram from PC

How do I post on Instagram from Desktop

If you are posting a photo or single video post, you can programme it to auto post at any time, when you are sleeping are doing some else.

Step 1: Press the pencil icon at the head of your post.

Step 2: Pick out the date and time whose you want your post to bring out, then        press the “update” button.

Step 3: Back to your post and click the  Publish button.

Step 4: Keep to the causes to accept and publish (confirm to select Instagram on the last panel).

Instagram on Computer

If you log in to your Instagram in your computer,  account with your special browser, you will find the same easy feed, only broader. Desktop website of Instagram has a two-column layout, with a toolbar at the top.

Instagram on Desktop

You can scroll your feed on the left in the main column. You can also press by carousel posts, watch videos, , add comments or like posts.

Instagram on Desktop
Instagram on Desktop

In the mobile app anything you can browse, you can also browse on the website. Press the Explore button to see which is trending on Instagram or the Heart icon to view all your notifications.

Instagram on Computer
Instagram on Computer

You will explore the Stories part on the right. Tap a profile to see the Story of that persons.

Instagram on Desktop

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