Vittorio De Sica – An Impressionist Master

Vittorio De Sica

Vittorio De Sica is a famous Italian director, known for his films on the subject of the arts, particularly design. His best known works are The Ring (1958), The Godfather (1938), The Man With One Pearl (1961), Paprika (1965) and The Garden (1967). He also had some short films, such as Casino (1947), Amore di Modena (1949) and La scena Della Vaporezza (The Paper Crane Farmhouse). Vittorio De Sica studied architecture and worked for some time in Milan. He then decided to pursue his filmmaking career, which would peak during the period of the ‘agnificent decade’ of the 1960s.


Vittorio De Sica loved to travel and he was a keen cyclist. He cycled throughout Italy, visiting many of its historic towns and cities. On one trip to Bologna, he met Count Basel and was impressed by the beautiful 19th century buildings that the city had retained. Vittorio De Sica decided to make a film about the city, centering on the medieval Biberatic Theatre. This would have been a great opportunity to work with a legendary director.


In 1958, Vittorio De Sica decided to make a film based on the novel The Adventure of the Three Little Pigs by Dr. Seuss. This was to be his second project in Italy after The Godfather. As with The Godfather, this was to be directed by none other than Lucio Franchi. Although the book has a worldwide following, the film failed to be a box office hit. However, the Italian film critics did praise the movie, calling it an artistic masterpiece and an innovative use of animation.


De Sica worked on several other Italian films, such as Don’t Take Me Alive (which was later released in the UK), Before Your Eyes and the underrated Romance and Casino. It must have been very hard for him to accept the fact that he would not be working for decades. However, he always remained positive and focused on his role as an Italian film star. He also received several awards, most notably the Best Actor award at the Venice Film Festival in 1970.


Most of Vittorio De Sica’s Italian films were either highly praised or recognized through their creative uniqueness. For instance, one of his more popular films, Don’t Take Me Alive, won four Academy Awards and became one of the greatest comedies of all time. There are many more great films from Vittorio De Sica, such as Beethoven, Casino, Before Your Eyes and Viva Zapata.


Neorealist films are often credited with helping to shape the Italian cinema that we know today. Although this type of cinema was never truly considered “realist” by mainstream Hollywood, there are countless movies that feature realistic characters, an overall sense of humor and a stylish sense of cinematography. One of the most interesting traits of neorealism is its use of color, as it was common for the director to use colors similar to those used in Italian Neorealist movies. As a result, Vittorio De Sica became known for his use of blues, greens, reds and yellow, which are commonly associated with Italian neorealism films. Many of his subsequent films would only employ colors such as black, gray and white.


As you can see, Vittorio De Sica’s career spanned four decades, with some great films and a few less successful ones. Throughout his career, he achieved a lot of critical acclaim and had a number of important roles in Italian films. However, perhaps his best role to date would be his contribution to the new era of filmmaking, known as the “post-production” era.


Bicycle Thieves is perhaps one of the most beautifully shot films of the ‘post-production’ era. Shot on location in Italy and focusing on the life of two aging motorcycle thieves, Bicycle Thieves is an amazing film. De Sica’s use of color, natural lighting and careful attention to every aspect of the film is what helps to make it one of the better films of the era. If you want to see some classic Italian films, such as Bicycle Thieves or Casabake, there is no better way than to go online to watch them now. There is even a brand new trailer for the film available to watch on YouTube right now! As long as you have a DVD player, you can start enjoying this fantastic movie now!

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